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Our Programmes


Ideal for 1.5-2.5 years old children – learning introduced with fun activities like puppet shows, play, & colours


Curriculum in sync with the children’s mental & physical development – group reading, writing, puppet shows, dancing, yoga and more


Exciting experience learning sophisticated skills in different subjects: English, Math, EVS, GK, Art & Craft


Class-1 to Class-8 The Five Basic Skills Approach: Language, English, Math, EVS, GK, Art & Craft, Science, Creativity & Interpersonal

Trust your Child only with the Best school in Amreli


International standards of Safety, Security and Hygiene.


Expert educators who create a fun and learning environment.


Application of research from neuroscience to educational and childcare practices.


Trusted by 1,000+ happy families and 50+ educators

Learn Anywhere Anytime Anybudy with eSkuly Live Book

Freedom to study anywhere, anytime with eSkuly.
eSkuly Video Book’ teaches Maths and English subjects to children according to each chapter through video education. As per school method, this eskuly video book enables children to learn from home through videos that cover CBSE Textbook – Marigold and Maths-magic. Video recording has been put in place for every topic and lesson that makes the book very accurate and easy to learn. Through the ‘Scan and Learn’ method, children can easily find videos and learn on their own at their own pace. The best part of this Video Book is that children can revise the topic as many times as they want for their better understanding. Additionally, the online exam of each lesson can be given many times and parents can view the exam report instantly on the mobile app and through an E-mail. NCERT Textbook -Marigold and Maths-Magic are covered in ‘eSkuly Video Book’ and stickers of QR code are also provided along with ‘eSkuly Video Book’. The Children must cut and paste QR stickers on NCERT Textbook on respective chapters to transform it into ‘eSkuly Video Book’. Our teachers of ‘eSkuly Video Book’ teaches every chapter very easily with an interesting method. The ‘eSkuly Video Book’ will make the teachers live in children’s books at any time.

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